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The Expert Video

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My buddy sent me a link today, and being in our field – it is just too perfect not to share!

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like this in a meeting, and I am sure I will feel like this again soon enough.

Yeah – this video sums it up very well.


Cisco Live CAE Hats over the years.

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Cisco Cisco Live US 2014 is getting closer and closer ever day, I just wanted to take a moment and look back at the history of the Cisco Live Networks Customer Appreciation hats.  The CAE hats seems to be one of the best kept secrets of Cisco Live every year.  There is no hints or leaks about what they are going to be prior to the event, and one of the first questions asked as people arrive at the CAE is “What is the hat this year?” It is a great fun to find out what the hat is!

Well, in honor of that question I present you the hats of years past.

I do not have all the hats and information yet, so if you have any pictures or additional information, please share it and I will post it.  The photos on this page are some of my own, some from Bryan Baize, others from Don Slice, and yet some came from Cisco Live.  If you have any information you would like to share, please feel free to e-mail me at send me an e-mail  or leave a comment at the end of this post.

2014 –  San Francisco, CA

The 2014 CAE will be held at AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.  I wonder what the hat will be this year?!?


Cisco Live US 2014 – Fly Away to the Radioactive CAE

In Cisco Live on March 12, 2014 at 15:50


The time has finally arrived, the time that we find out the WHERE, and more importantly, the WHO the Cisco Live Customer Appreciation Event (CAE) will be.

So, as you can tell by the image above,  the CAE will be at the home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants,  AT&T Park.  This is not the first time we have been at a ball field for the CAE either.  Back in 2o12 at the Cisco Live San Diego, the CAE was held at the PETCO park and it was a blast! There is plenty of space at the parks and they are very well planned (also with lots of bathrooms!)  I am really looking forward to a spectacular event – so far every year Cisco has outdone the previous years event.  Last year we had Universal Studios Orlando, and that is a tough one to top, but I have faith that they will top it this year!

Who is going to be helping us to FLY AWAY?  I can tell you that he is no AMERICAN WOMAN but I’LL BE WAITING! If those songs don’t give it away, maybe this video will help.

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